Photo of Jacqueline Mailly

Senior EU Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Brussels

Widely recognized as a trusted adviser in EU food and biotechnology regulation, Jacqueline is solution-driven, pragmatic and down-to-earth. Clients appreciate her ability to tune in to their specific needs and to quickly grasp technical issues.  She dove-tails with in-house resources to create the most efficient and effective advisory team.

Having practiced in Brussels for more than 20 years, Jacqueline is familiar with the EU administrative procedures and the roles and responsibilities of administrators, scientists, private parties, and politicians in ensuring consumer, plant, and animal health and safety. She provides a comprehensive service, including compliance-based and strategic advice across the spectrum of food regulation, including advertising, health and nutrition claims, GMOs, contaminants, and food and feed safety.  She assists companies on product recalls and crisis management and has been successful in fending off a number of potential bans on product sales in EU Member States.  Clients say that she ‘works tirelessly’, ‘quickly gets to grip with the issues’, and ‘provides practical, easy-to-understand advice’ (The Legal 500).

Jacqueline also advises on certain specific areas of EU environmental policy and regulation and was awarded the Euromoney Europe Award 2013, Best in Environment for Women in Business.